What is Root Canal Therapy

What is Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

There are many different types of procedures and surgeries you can have done it to your teeth. The type of surgery or procedure that you get will all depend on how bad the problem is with your teeth. One procedure that you can have done on your teeth is called root canal therapy. Here is everything you need to know about this type of dental work.

Endodontic Treatment

Root canal therapy is called an endodontic treatment. This type of treatmentroot canal therapy toronto will treat the inside of your tooth. Inside your tooth under the enamel is a hard layer which we call the dentin. There is also a softer layer which we call the pulp. The pulp area is where the nerves, blood vessels, and can connective tissues create thought surrounding harder tissues of the tooth during its development. This Pulp extends from the crown of your tooth to the tip of the roots where it didn’t connect to the tissues that surround the root. This pulp is very important during the development and growth of your tooth. Once your tooth is mature it is able to survive without the pulp because it is nourished by the tissues that surround the tooth.

When you Need a Root Canal

When this pulp becomes infected or inflamed you can experience a lot of pain or other issues. Many different issues can cause this inflammation and resulting infection. There may be a crack or a chip in your tooth or there may be deep decay within of the tooth. If the inflammation or the infection is not treated an abscess can form or it can result in a lot of pain.

During root canal therapy the dentist is going to remove the infected pulp. Will be cleaned and then shaped and the dentist will fill this area and then seal it. Once this is done you’ll end up going back to the dentist and a crown or another type of restoration on your tooth will be put there to restore it to its full function and to protect it. Once this restoration is done the tooth will continue to function and just like any other tooth in your mouth. The main reason that this therapy is done is that it’s a way to save the tooth without having to remove the entire tooth from your mouth. Your dentist doesn’t want to remove your teeth and they will do everything necessary to preserve your teeth and a root canal therapy is a way to preserve your teeth.

After Root Canal Therapy

For a few days after your therapy, your tooth may be quite sensitive. If you had a lot of infection or pain before the procedure this might be the case. You will usually be given over the counter or a prescription and medication by the dentist to deal with any issues with pain. The tooth where you have a root canal therapy done might feel a little bit different than your normal teeth for some time after your treatment. If you continue to have a lot of pain or discomfort you’ll end up going back to the dentist to correct the issue. In most cases, everything is going to heal fine on its own and you won’t have any more issues with the tooth where the root canal was performed.

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Root Canals