Root Canal Treatment Toronto


Root Canal Treatment Toronto

Root canal treatment is carried out when there is irreversible pulpitis, non-vital pulp, or when the pulp is mechanically or traumatically exposed. Occasionally, it may be necessary to carry out elective root canal treatment on teeth with vital pulp for restorative reasons. A preoperative radiograph or x-ray should be examined prior to treatment. Local anaesthetic may be given as appropriate.

Tooth preparation

All caries and defective restorations should be removed and, if necessary, the occlusion adjusted and the tooth protected against fracture. This may sometimes be achieved by cementing an orthodontic band around the wo1h.

Tooth isolation

The treated tooth should be isolated with a rubber dam. This prevents salivary and bacterial contamination of the pulp cavity. In addition, it prevents inadvertent inhalation and ingestion of instruments and escape of irrigating solutions into the oral cavity.

Access cavity preparation

The objective of access cavity preparation is to provide straight-line access Lo the root canals. Radiographs should be studied to note the size, shape and position of the pulp chamber. The entire roof of the pulp chamber should be removed so that the chamber can be cleaned. The access cavity should be prepared so that as much sound tooth structure as possible is conserved without compromising the above.

Determination of working length

Recognized methods of determining the working length include using radiographs and electronic apex locators. With the radiographic technique, a file is inserted into the canal. It may be necessary to take more than one working length radiograph from different angles. The working length determined by electronic apex locators should preferably be confirmed radiographically.

Root Canal Treatment Toronto

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