What is an Endodontic Specialist


What is an Endodontic Specialist

An endodontic specialist is a dentist, with a further two or more years of study apart from dental school. In these additional two years, a dentist learns about specific causes of toothache and how to relieve pain with root canal procedures efficiently.
In case if a tooth is grossly carious and it is advised to be extracted that is the time you should visit an endodontist. They try their best to save your tooth by treating it with specialized technique. This is the reason, endodontic specialists happily call themselves as Specialists in Saving Teeth. The Advanced training given to an endodontist includes special root canal treatment techniques and pulp related procedures in greater depth. They make the diagnosis and plan treatment of more difficult cases according to the severity. For this purpose, many general dentists choose an endodontist to refer their patients for specialized treatment.
An Endodontic specialist has multiple skills which make them more worthy. The skills are as follow

A Root Canal Expert

An endodontic specialist focuses entirely on treatments of the dental pulp by restraining their practice to endodontics. They complete multiple root canal treatments in a week than a general dentist. As a skilled specialist, they commit their time to diagnose and treating tooth pain related cases. Their area of expertise specialists also includes finding the cause of oral and facial pain which has been difficult to diagnose. That’s why Endodontists don’t do fillings or teeth cleaning rather they serve people for particular cases.

Advanced Education

An endodontic specialist has two to three years of added education in an advanced program in endodontics after completing the dental school that includes problems related to the dental pulp and how a professional endodontist should treat them.

Pain Management Experts

An endodontic specialist is proficient in managing anaesthesia, they treat patients who are conventionally not responsive to anaesthesia. They use specialized methods to ensure patients are completely comfortable during their procedures. After the treatment of root canal, they make sure the patient is relieved of tooth pain, pulp infection or inflammation.

Endodontists Use Advanced Technology

Endodontists use specific materials and equipment which are designed to make your procedure more comfortable and successful. They use Digital radiographs and 3-D imaging to see the detailed structure of your root canals and any infections. As the area inside root canals is very small so Endodontists use dental microscopes to have a clear vision of root canals to carefully treat them.

Have you ever had a severe toothache? If yes then you should visit us at Willowdale Endodontics before it gets late that’s how you’ll be pain-free and keep your natural tooth. When it comes to releasing your dental pain, the endodontic specialist can usually get you feeling good and back to work the same day.

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