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3D Imaging

Optimizing Treatment Strategy

In recent years, cone beam CT (CBCT) technology has proven to be an effective adjunct to 2D planar imaging; as a result, it has become an essential part of the endodontic imaging armamentarium. Rather than relying on a 2D image to represent a 3D object, CBCT accurately displays complex dental anatomy such as periapical lesions and calcified canals, while also revealing surrounding structures without the limitations that exist in 2D images.

CBCT offers many advantages in endodontics. Perhaps the most important is that 3D allows users to accurately visualize anatomic features that intraoral, cephalometric, and panoramic modalities are imply unable to capture. And, because images are acquired as high resolution 3D volumetric data, endodontists can interact with the software to ensure superior visualization of the relationships between teeth and their surroundings—a critical requirement when planning endodontic treatment.

The 9000 3D extraoral imaging system captures anatomically correct images with 1:1 measurements, promoting more confident treatment planning and diagnoses. In addition, the 9000 3D system delivers the highest spatial resolution in CBCT (0.076 mm voxel size) at the lowest radiation dose, making it an ideal tool for applications such as endodontic diagnosis, treatment guidance, and post treatment evaluation.

Carestream Dental’s 9000 3D system eliminates the need for guesswork and multiple treatment visits by quickly providing all the information needed to make an accurate diagnosis effectively and efficiently.

Furthermore, the software features a 3D imaging module that facilitates endodontic analysis and treatment planning. Structured in four sections according to functionality, the intuitive software gives endodontists the tools they need to view images slice by slice. Axial, coronal, sagittal, curvilinear, and oblique views ensure more accurate evaluations of regions of interest.

This software also offers comprehensive reporting and free sharing tools to facilitate communication with colleagues and patients. The 3D imaging module also allows users to copy the entire 3D software and all relevant data onto a shareable CD/DVD or flash drive.

To learn more how this technology can optimize endodontic treatment strategy and provide great benefits to the patient, we invite you to call our office today.

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