Green Dentistry


Going Green in Dentistry

Dr. Rita Kilislian has always been conscious about the environment following the mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Getting to the Green Side of Dentistry at Kawartha Endodontics and Willowdale Endodontics

  • Fewer toxics
  • Smaller ecological footprint
  • Enhanced efficacy & efficiency

Patient charts and records are almost exclusively digital at Kawartha Endodontics and Willowdale Endodontics. Professional correspondence by encrypted email is essential for records sent from and to referring general dentists. This is a great reduction of paper use. When you add in digital x-rays, toxic developer and fixer are eliminated while getting faster, clearer images. Digital records mean fewer trees destroyed and results are received in seconds.

In addition to the traditional recycling of glass, paper and plastics, Dr. Kilislian provides cloths for the bathrooms. She ensures they are laundered weekly. This reduces paper towel use and gives a more comfortable spa-like experience for the patients. This is also evident by the installation of reduced volume flush toilets.