What to Expect after a Root Canal

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What to Expect after a Root Canal

Having dental surgery is never a lot of fun. Once you get out of the surgery you’re going to experience several issues. Many people experience pain after root canal surgery that has to be addressed. Here is what you can expect after you have a root canal and how you can get on the mend and back to feeling better.

Some Pain is to be Expected after a Root Canal

Some pain after root canal surgery should be expected. despite the fact that you will probably suffer from a little bit of pain it is nothing compared to surgery in the past where root canals were very painful. Dentists now use pain-relieving measures that can reduce the amount of pain you feel during any sort of dental procedures such as a root canal. There will be a local anesthetic that is applied to the area which will minimize pain. You will not be in pain during the actual procedure.

After Root Canal Surgery

Once the dental process is done, the local anesthetic will start to wear off. You will probably feel some sensitivity and pain. In most cases, the pain will be mild. The reason why you feel pain is because of the cleaning process. An opening must be made in the crown of your tooth So the diseased pulp inside of the tooth can be cleaned out. Any sensitivity or pain after a root canal is done should last a few days.

Dealing with Pain after a Root Canal

In most cases, you will only need an over counter pain medication. If your doctor feels you need something else they will prescribe something for you. Most regular medications such as Motrin, Advil, Tylenol or other over-the-counter pain medications should be enough to deal with any root canal pain. Before you take any of these medications you should speak to your dentist to ensure that these will be safe for you to take. After the root canal is done you should avoid chewing any sort of hard Foods as this will make the pain you are experiencing worse.

Light Meals

Try having a light meal and plenty of soft foods such as soup or anything else that can be eaten without a lot of chewing. you should also drink water and avoid alcohol or other stimulants as these might interfere with pain medications.


You might not feel at your best for a couple of days so you should get some rest and just allow the natural healing process to take place. After 12 to 24 hours you should start to feel better and you can probably start doing daily tasks without a lot of issues with pain.

Seek Help if Pain Persists

Any pain after root canal surgery should go away and diminish over time. If you have swelling or severe issues with the pain you should speak to your dentist immediately. in some cases a tooth may need more cleaning and issues with pain could mean that your tooth needs further cleaning. If you continue to have issues your dentist will probably give you a prescription medication to deal with the pain until your tooth can be addressed again.


Any pain after root canal surgery should be mild or moderate in nature. It may take you a couple of days to feel back to normal but in most cases, the pain will diminish and go away quite quickly. Simply take care of yourself in a normal manner and you should recover from your root canal surgery in no time at all.

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