Importance of Saving a Tooth


Importance of Saving a Tooth

Root Canals and the Importance of Saving a Tooth

The importance of saving at tooth can be achieved by many different procedures but one of the most common ones is the root canal. This is a procedure that is used to save teeth that are decayed or have other major problems. Here is why you might want to consider a root canal and why it is important to save your tooth.

Importance of Saving a Tooth – Root Canals

A root canal procedure is done when the inner part of the tooth is infected or inflamed. There are several reasons for this such as chipping, decay, cracking, or other injuries to the tooth. In many cases, a root canal is a practical solution to save the tooth and to prevent tooth extraction. If there are serious issues with the tooth and it cannot be saved by a root canal, a tooth extraction usually takes place. The dentist will usually do everything possible to ensure that a tooth is saved before performing any type of tooth extraction.

Safe Procedure

A root canal is usually done because it is a safer procedure when compared to tooth extraction. During a tooth extraction, you could get an infection that spreads throughout your body when the infected tooth is removed. Another problem with extractions is that they can be very difficult depending upon the tooth that needs to be extracted. There is more chance for problems with tooth extractions. Once you go home from a tooth extraction you usually have to take care do not reintroduce bacteria into your mouth or to get food into the tooth extraction hole. There can also be significant pain as the tooth extraction hole has to heal over several days or weeks.

Less Pain

There is less pain with a tooth extraction because once the tooth pulp is removed there will be no pain left in that tooth. The tooth will still be able to function but there will be no issues with pain. Any issues the patient does have with pain can be remedied with pain medication. Removing larger teeth can present serious issues with pain. In many cases, the patient will be prescribed pharmaceutical medication that must be taken to reduce the pain after having a tooth extraction. There can also be more recovery time for the patient when they have a tooth extraction.

Less Cost

A tooth extraction might seem like a better option and be less costly than a root canal but there can be other issues. when you remove a tooth in the mouth it can cause problems with other teeth which might shift around in the mouth. You can have issues with biting and chewing foods because you are missing those teeth. This often means that you have to have other procedures such as a dental bridge or perhaps a denture to restore the full function of your mouth. Dental extractions can lead to more costs down the road when compared to a root canal. When you have a canal done you will maintain most functions of that tooth such as chewing. In the molar region of the mouth, this is critical.

Keep your Smile

The main problem with procedures such as tooth extractions is that your left with a big gap in your mouth that does not look aesthetically pleasing. A root canal maintains the general look of your teeth and will look more like your natural tooth does. If you have concerns about your smile, you might consider root canals before you have any sort of other major operation such as a tooth extraction.

Importance of Saving a Tooth – Summary

Having a root canal done is simply a better option for you than other procedures. You will be able to keep the tooth that you already have. You are less likely to have additional difficulties with the tooth after a root canal. Tooth extraction is a quick solution to a problem tooth but can lead to more problems down the road such as problems with chewing.

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