What are some Root Canal Symptoms

root canal symptoms toronto

What are some Root Canal Symptoms

Do you need a root canal procedure in Toronto?

You may not know it, but you could need a root canal done on your teeth. Here are some symptoms that you may need to have a root canal done.

Don’t Wait

Any time you have any significant mouth pain, you should see the dentist because this could be a warning sign that something more serious is going on in your mouth that needs to be addressed and you may need a root canal to correct significant problems. You will usually only get physical pain when things have progressed and the problem may get worse if not addressed so see your dentist right away.

Presence of Pain

You may need a root canal Toronto procedure f you have mouth pain. This is an indication that you have a problem in the root area of the tooth where all the nerves are. If you can’t eat or drink without significant mouth pain, then see your dentist right away. The dentist will look at your mouth and determine what the issue is. You may or may not need a root canal to address the problem.

Cracked or Chipped teeth

When you have a chipped or a cracked tooth the nerves underneath can get exposed and infection may set in which can be very painful. In this case, you will probably need a root canal to address the issue as if it’s not treated the pain and infection will just get worse. The infection may spread to other areas of the body and cause more issues.

Cold or Hot Sensitivity

If you have sensitivity in the mouth to cold or hot food you may need a root canal Toronto procedure to address this issue. You may get dull pain at first that gets more intense and it’s an indication that there is something wrong with the tooth that has to be addressed. A root canal can usually fix a tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food.

Swollen Gums

If you have swollen gums that is a symptom that something is wrong in the mouth. The dentist will examine the gums and you may need a root canal if there is a significant problem with one of your teeth.

Tooth Discoloration

If you have discoloration on your tooth, you may have nerve damage under the tooth and it might not be just a regular food stain. If you have blood vessel or nerve dame, you may need a root canal to address the issue as there could be a damaged root that is causing the discoloration in the tooth.

A Sensitivity that Lasts a Long Time

If you have a tooth sensitivity that lasts for weeks or months then the tooth probably has significant issues and you may need a root canal Toronto procedure to address these issues. In this case, the root is probably damaged and a root canal must be done to correct the issue.


A root canal Toronto procedure can address many problems with your teeth. Dr. Kilislian, Dr. Liption, or Dr. Geisler, at Willowdale Endodontics, can treat you for root canals or endodontic re-retreatments.  If you would like to book a consultation please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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