Root canal treatment is a tooth saver

Root canal treatment is a tooth saver

Root Canal Treatment is a Tooth Saver

root canal treatment

Root canal treatment or therapy is a common and effective endodontic procedure for removing infection from inside a tooth and protecting the tooth from further infections. Millions of people have root canal treatment each year to save their teeth and restore proper, painfree function. Endodontists are dentists who specialize in diagnosing and treating interior tooth pain. In short, they are root canal, dental injury, and dental implant experts because of their specific training and experience.

So just what does a root canal entail? Most often, it is a three-step treatment where material inside a tooth’s root canal is removed, including nerve tissue. The canal is then cleaned and the sealed with a dental material or filling. The final step is often a crown that covers and protects the tooth for longevity.

It’s a common belief that root canal therapy is painful but with numbing and anesthesia, most patients report little to no pain. In fact, root canal therapy is often used to relieve the already throbbing pain of pulp injury or infection.

Patients are often referred to our endodontal clinic for individualized root canal therapy. You don’t need a referral from your dentist to seek specialized endodontal care and we welcome you to inquire or visit our office at any time. We work with dentists to ensure continuity of care and follow-up for any treatment.

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