What are the Risks of doing a Root Canal?


What are the Risks of doing a Root Canal?

What are the risks of doing a root canal? You may have asked yourself this if you intend to have a root canal treatment. This is sort of treatment is done when there is infection or inflammation in your tooth or where you have is severely damaged the tooth. A root canal helps eliminate tooth pain and the risk of abscess. For most individuals, a root canal is not a difficult procedure and you will be able to return to day-to-day activities quite quickly. Here are some of the risks that root canals might cause.

Issues with Pain

The root area of a tooth needs to be repaired and cleaned so you could feel pain for a few days after the procedure. You might feel a sharp pain, dull ache, or other types of pain. The pain you experienced should not be too severe. If bacteria remains in the tooth canal after it is cleaned then this might grow over time and you could experience pain later on. if this area where the root canal was done starts to get painful then you should contact your dentist right away to see what the problem is. For most individuals, they won’t experience any issues with tooth pain after a root canal is completed but the issue might present a problem for some.

Other Problems

What are the risks of doing a root canal? Another one of the risks that you might experience is that there might be an additional root in the tooth that is causing a problem. If one of the roots in the tooth is missed then bacteria might remain in that canal. You might need to have a repeated root canal done on that tooth. If you need a second surgery in the area this is more involved because the fillings and crowns or the implants that were placed in that tooth prior have to be removed so that the dentist can get at the other root.

Root Crack

In the root of the tooth, there could be a crack in the tooth which could allow a bacterium to grow and require further treatment on that tooth. If the dentist doesn’t notice this then this area is left exposed and bacteria is left with a breeding ground in which to thrive. this could result in further trips to the dentist to remove this bacteria from the tooth root.

Tooth Materials

Over time, the materials that are used to create the root canal could break down. this will allow bacteria to get back into the root of the tooth. This is usually caused because defective materials were used to create the root canal. if the restoration was in any way defective then bacteria are able to get back into the tooth canal and cause further problems for the patient.


What are the risks of doing a root canal? There are several different risks when it comes to root canals but in general, they are a safe procedure that should eliminate problems with the tooth and eliminate issues with pain for the patient. Like any dental procedure, there can be complications. Speak to your dentist about the options when it comes to root canals or if there are other things that might be more beneficial such as a tooth extraction which would eliminate the problem tooth altogether.

A root canal Toronto procedure can address many problems with your teeth. Dr. Kilislian at Willowdale Endodontics, can treat you for root canals or endodontic re-retreatments.  If you would like to book a consultation please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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